I' m super excited to see what songs you are both wanting me to play for your big day! Just click the button below and see how easy it is!

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Many have suggested 2 songs but with my looping I can easily make 1 song last.
Some do a song for each couple | or one for the bridal party and one for the B+G | or just one song for everyone.
This is often quite short, so i can do this on iPod or just play a segment of a song.
Last dance song before farewells.
While you are saying buy and then leaving. Some often have two songs for this. One for goodbyes then one for for the exit (tunnel, sparkler etc).
This section is for you to list for me any specific artists or songs you are wanting for the dance part of the night. Or often a shorter list is songs you don't want played :)
Live Sets Song Choices
Pick from my live list all the songs I play throughout the day. Its normally around 12 songs per 45 min set I do.